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The College & Career

Preparatory Institute:


SBI is comprised of (3) Divisions: A) College & Career Preparatory Institute (commonly referred to as CCPI), B) Performing Arts Collective, and (C) Alumni & Friends Committee each offering a host of culturally relevant, pedagogically based programs (Ladson-Billings, 1995) designed to promote Randolph students' overall college & career and life readiness.

CCPI is SBI's largest Division and the primary education enhancement initiative serving A. Philip Randolph Campus High School (Randolph) since 1991! CCPI has been an integral part of the Randolph learning environment for three decades and counting!! With the support of longtime collaborators including Ford Motor Co., Deloitte, Harlem  Stage, Milken Scholars, and Gettysburg College, CCPI has provided students with mentors, role models, internships, exposure to visual and performing arts, new insights into the total college undergrad experience, and access to scholarships. 

For over 3 decades, CCPI Programs have played an essential role in the development and advancement of A. Philip Randolph Campus High School's legacy, school-wide culture, & community! 

Did you know that APRCHS has an international student body that represents over 60 countries?

30+ Years Educating, Organizing, & Mobilizing

College & Career Preparatory Institute

Ford Motor Company, Rockland Community College and New York City-based nonprofit Sound Business, Inc. (SBI) are teaming up to offer Ford’s Automotive Career Exploration (ACE) program, to high-school students at A. Philip Randolph Campus High School in Manhattan.

The ACE (Automotive Career Exploration) is a program designed to help students explore automotive careers, ensuring they enter an industry they love.
Upon completion of the program, students will determine if the automotive career is a field they want to explore further.

The SUNY RCC program takes approximately two years. Scholarships are available to offset tuition cost. Upon completion of the program, the student will earn an Associate Degree. Through this partnership with Ford Motor Company, Rockland Community College (RCC) and Sound Business Inc., we offer an innovative opportunity for students to earn an associate degree as well as automotive-technology certifications while enrolled in Ford’s Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET) program.

CCPI Auto Tech Session Dates (15 sessions):

Feb 7, 14, 28
Mar 7, 14, 21, 28
Apr 4, 18, 25

May 2, 9, 16, 23, 3

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Student Advancement Center (S.A.C)

In June 2020, SBI learned that the Student Success Center at Randolph High, a college readiness program funded jointly by the NYCDOE and the East Side House Settlement, was being discontinued. When Randolph’s principal asked if the College and Career Preparatory Institute (CCPI) was able to fill the void left by the loss, we accepted the challenge. It was our belief that Randolph alumni could and would stand with us in providing the funding needed to assure that in a time like this, our students’ education wouldn’t be further compromised.

The SAC pushes into all 9th and 10th grade ELA classes (4) times per semester and is portfolio based. It is designed to develop student socio-emotional and academic needs.  In order to supplement SAC's curriculum, students attend monthly workshops and seminars throughout the year in Suite 109. In partnership with its extensive Alumni network, SAC provides mentorship, and critical College & Career and Life Readiness skills. Additionally, the SAC infuses explicit note taking instruction to boost literacy skills across all content areas. 

SBI/Student Advancement Center
SBI/Student Advancement Center

Did you know that SBI originally began at St. John's Cathedral in the early 1990s?

30+ Years Educating, Organizing, & Mobilizing

College Preparatory Academy

Intensive College Admissions Coaching

The College Preparatory Academy offers rigorous and individualized college admission coaching for highly motivated students (Freshman-Senior year). Most programs are offered after school or during school lunch periods. CCPI works to prepare its graduates for admission into selective four-year residential colleges and to assist them in securing the financial awards packages necessary for enrollment.  The College Preparatory Academy prepares students academically, attitudinally, and socio-culturally so they may achieve the level of college readiness required for admission to schools such as Hobart and William Smith, Skidmore, Vassar, Allegheny, LeMoyne, Trinity, Geneseo, and Wesleyan. CCPI has been successful in recruiting a roster of volunteer and paid professionals, including teaching artists, who serve as instructors, chaperones, workshop facilitators, mentors, guest speakers and coaches.

FYS: First Year Seminar

SBI’s College and Career Preparatory Institute takes a dramatically different approach to Freshmen with its First Year Seminar (FYS) Program. Usually, students are not active in the college selection process until their junior year. To ensure students’ success from the beginning, we have launched an effort to involve Freshmen and their parents from the summer before they attend high school. FYS’ focus with students involves exploring different colleges, discussing the costs of college, and crafting one’s high school career for strong college candidacy.

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SAEP: Sophomore Academic Enrichment Project

SBI launched the Sophomore Academic Enrichment Project (SAEP) — a Sophomore skills program aimed to enrich students’ reading and math skills, allowing them to excel in class work and future SAT exams, and to begin preparing students socio-attitudinally for college life.

CASI: College Admissions Spring Intensive

By their Junior year, students in our College Admissions Spring Intensive (CASI) program are working toward achieving target SAT scores and developing key contacts in four-year residential colleges of choice.

SCAI: Seniors' College Admissions Intensive

CCPI Seniors in our Senior College Admissions Initiative (SCAI) program begin the college application process in August. From targeting the right schools to gathering all of the necessary documents for a successful application, SBI guides students in the right direction.

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

Mentoring Kings

Mentoring Kings is a research based, hybrid (in-person & online) critical mentoring and literacy intervention geared toward male high school students of color. A distinguishing feature of Mentoring Kings is that it seeks to improve student literacy using the Hochman Method’s explicit note taking instruction and is guided by the fundamental principles: unity, self-determination, collective work & responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity & faith (non-religious). Mentoring Kings’ three core components are: asynchronous online modules, after-school intensives and MK University (Saturday enrichment & academic support).                          
Program Director, Dr. Kelly M. Downing

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Did you know that A. Philip Randolph Campus High School was originally home to Music & Art, the "Fame" High School!? Both Music & Art and Performing Arts were combined to form what is currently LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts.           

32 Years!

Educating, Organizing, & Mobilizing

​Urban Opera: Performing Arts Program

SBI maintains a philosophy that the arts are central to student development.  It is in CCPI's Performing Arts Program that students gain a new sense of community, sharing, trusting, caring, creating and opening up to new ideas. It provides students with the opportunity to learn new artistic skills while honing existing ones and to share their art with the entire Randolph community.  

An  important partner of the Performing Arts Program is Harlem Stage, also located on the City College of New York's campus.  In the Spring, Harlem Stage contracts the Teaching Artists to work with student performance groups. Additionally, they provide opportunities for Randolph students to attend concerts, plays, and dance performances in their venue.

CCPI offers A. Philip Randolph Campus High School students an opportunity to build transferrable skills in the professional field of Performing Arts by engaging in music, dance, theatre, and technical production.  Some of our graduates continue their studies in college, with majors and minors in dance, theatre, lighting design, and production management.  No matter what field they choose to pursue, all CCPI students who participate in the performing arts program achieve greater confidence, cultural awareness, and character; invaluable to their success in life. 

Led by team captains and teaching artists, CCPI students commit to weekly rehearsals, on top of the rigorous academic standards required by SBI. Our artists channel their hopes and fears into their art, pouring their hearts out on stage. Here, they are a part of a community that both challenges and supports. 

The CCPI Performing Arts Experience celebrates the spirit that drives each artist forward.  We honor cultural heritage, yet we regard culture as a living idea.  We draw inspiration from our roots, but it's also where we are gong, and who we are becoming.  We create culture by defining our values through artistic expression.  Our students' speak through their actions, using the power of theatre to amplify their sound and movement, shining light on the positive social impact we can make. 

Our students are prepared to lead and succeed!

Theatre Tech Workshop

Not one for the spotlight? You can take part in the behind-the-scenes work with our tech crew and learn valuable skills in the production industry. Our dynamic program is a workforce development initiative aimed at providing  publicly educated NYC access to membership in Local One, the premier stagehand union  of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E).

SBI has one of the largest NYC high school alumni networks of color!

32 Years!

Educating, Organizing, & Mobilizing

Performing Arts Collective

Expanding World Knowledge

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Brandon Woody

“All art is a kind of confession, more or less oblique. All artists, if they are to survive, are forced, at last, to tell the whole story; to vomit the anguish up.”

“Life is more important than art; that's what makes art important.”

James Baldwin

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