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1. Virtual Gala & Screening

Sound Business, Inc. (SBI) hosts an annual Virtual Gala Benefit, a 50 minute event which premieres on YouTube and is screened at the historic Harlem Stage. Our theme for this year’s benefit is Inclusive Grassroots Cooperative: Creating Pathways To Systemic Change. This event highlights key members  and accomplishments of our Inclusive Grassroots Cooperative and enables us to share our vision and plans for a brighter tomorrow.

2. Winter Heritage Festival

This is one of the most important school wide events of the year. Our annual production celebrates cultural legacies of the more than 65 nations represented in our student body! The celebration begins with the Parade of Flags and concludes with student ensemble performances, their gifts to the Randolph High community.


3. May Showcase

The May Showcase is the culmination of students' yearly hard work in CCPI's Performing Arts Program. SBI believes that engagement in a performing arts experience is central to students’ personal development. It  provides the young people served with the opportunity to create and perform in dance, drama, and music. The May Showcase incorporates the 8 Dance Ensembles, Spoken Word Workshop, Glee Club, 2 Step Teams and Theatre Tech Workshop participants. It is in this arts program that students gain a greater sense of community and experience what it feels like to trust, care, be receptive to new ideas, follow, lead, commit, dream, and believe.

4. Career Day & Mock Interview Competition

The annual SBI College and Career Preparatory Institute (CCPI) Career Day and Mock Interview Competition has been an integral part of the Randolph High School experience since the late 1990s! The all day school event has historically served the 75 - 100 CCPI students enrolled in our after-school Performing Arts Program and our College Prep Academy. Through the years, students have dressed in business attire, participated in the day’s modules which included (1) a career exploration networking event (2) performing arts entrepreneur seminar (3) various roundtable discussion groups demystifying professional career paths and encouraging students to dream. Ford Motor Co., Deloitte, Citigroup, Capital One, have been among the leaders in providing career day volunteers.

“I am even more certain that to create dangerously is also to create fearlessly, boldly embracing the public and private terrors that would silence us, then bravely moving forward even when it feels as though we are chasing or being chased by ghosts.”

Edwidge Danticat

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