Here's what some of ours students have to say about how SBI & CCPI have impacted their lives. Are you an SBI alumni? Share you story with us at info@soundbusiness.org

I graduated from Randolph in 2014 and I was in SCAI and the captain of Latin DVD. Being a part of CCPI I found myself surrounded by fellow students of color who were motivated to pursue a higher education. Through our extensive training, I was prepared for college and I had been granted the skills that I needed to assume adult responsibilities.

Jennifer Liriano

Class of 2014 - Accepted to SUNY Geneseo

SBI aided me in my success during high school and guided me through the college process, so I hope that my words might help someone on their journey.

Natalie Bourdierd

Class of 2011 - Accepted to Elmira College

I was in SCAI and a Captain of Latin DVD. CCPI helped me through my entire college process. 2nd semester of my junior year I took SAT prep the entire semester; with several practice tests included. My college applications were reviewed with caution various times. Through SCAI I also went on multiple college trips which helped decide what kind residential school I wanted to go to. CCPI also helped recognize how much I love to lead and dance by being Latin DVD captain. Mr. Thompson allowed me to connect with my mentors and advisors.

Eduniz Mendez

Class of 2016 - Accepted to SUNY Geneseo

Being part of SCAI and an Honorary member of CCPI has provided me with so many benefits. I know a lot of people say that, but few really mean it wholeheartedly. SCAI and CCPI provides a family for everyone in the programs. Everyone knows each other, and everyone wants to achieve the same dream. The dream to graduate college with a bachelor degree, and to have a good future.They say that the people you surround yourself with is what you become. CCPI and SCAI surrounds with achievers,dream-believers, and life-changers

Leudin Dominguez

Class of 2014 - Accepted to Clarkson University

I have enjoyed my years at SBI. I had the opportunity to meet interesting, outgoing, & motivating people that have been nurtured into an extensive professional network. Over the years, I have grown so much and will be sure to continue to do so. to me, SBI stands for Strategically Beneficial to Individuals. 

Bernadette Scott

SBI gives you a chance to shine, be outspoken and take charge. It also gives you a chance to learn how businesses run and how to make it in the corporate world. 

Assata Lumumba

I feel that SBI is a program for students who wish to be successful leaders in business or another occupation. This program inspires and promotes that attitude. 

Laurento Sainte

SBI has opened my eyes to things I either didn't know or didn't think possible. 

Maria O'Connor

SBI has been an enlightening and intellectual experience for me. I've learned how to network, be consistent & precise in my work, and how to address others professionally. I only hope everyone could have had these same advantages and experiences as me. 

Lekeisha Eubanks

SBI has augmented my interpersonal and networking skills. I think that has allowed me to assume the position I am in now at the Blackstone Capital Brokerage Firm. 

Hollye Valentin

College & career prep has gotten me off the couch and has helped me become a contributing member to my community & the workplace. I am now much less shy and have become more independent. I have established a vital professional network needed to get ahead in the future. 

Akosua Gyasi

I've learned how to network, communicate with people in my field, and most importantly, I've become a more responsible person. By the time I leave SBI, I know I'll have a head-start on my future compared to most students my age. 

Dayna Baskette

SBI has shown me that people do care about me and what I do...that shows me how lucky I am. 

Omari Edwards

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