Here's what some of ours students have to say about how SBI & CCPI have impacted their lives. Are you an SBI alumni? Share you story with us at info@soundbusiness.org

Jeremy Jaico - Class of 2013

Jeremy Jaico - Class of 2013

"I met with the director of the College & Career Preparatory Institute, Charles Thompson. Together, we came up with a plan to recover my GPA, graduate on time, and go to college. The college prep program offered free SAT prep, college tours, peer mentors, free tutoring for certain courses, and more."

Manny Hernandez - Artistic Director

Manny Hernandez - Artistic Director

The most rewarding part of it all is helping develop and nourish hidden talents. Even more rewarding, when you see all the hard work pay off and come to life. Inspiring our students for their future on and off stage is something I always look forward to every year. In hopes they carry on what they learned and apply it to their daily lives."

Kelly Dowling - SBI Mentor & Teacher

Kelly Dowling - SBI Mentor & Teacher

"Working with UB this year has only reinforced my understanding of how fundamentally imperative it is for men of color, particularly young men of color to be united. I am....we are....United Brothers!"

Shemar Walcott - 2014

Shemar Walcott - 2014

"United Brothers was something that I did throughout my four years of highschool and it was an experience that taught me so much more than just how to step. Those qualities from my experiences on the team and through things I've experienced in my everyday life that made me a better person and prepared myself for the real world are things that I want the guys to have instilled in their minds and hearts from now. This team is much more than just stepping, it's a brotherhood. "

Anthony Rodriguez - Class of 2010

Anthony Rodriguez - Class of 2010

"Before SBI, my GPA was subpar and I did just enough to stay out of trouble. Back then, I didn’t see the value in school because I wasn’t sure higher education was even a possibility for me."

I graduated from Randolph in 2014 and I was in SCAI and the captain of Latin DVD. Being a part of CCPI I found myself surrounded by fellow students of color who were motivated to pursue a higher education. Through our extensive training, I was prepared for college and I had been granted the skills that I needed to assume adult responsibilities.

Jennifer Liriano

Class of 2014 - Accepted to SUNY Geneseo

SBI aided me in my success during high school and guided me through the college process, so I hope that my words might help someone on their journey.

Natalie Bourdierd

Class of 2011 - Accepted to Elmira College

I was in SCAI and a Captain of Latin DVD. CCPI helped me through my entire college process. 2nd semester of my junior year I took SAT prep the entire semester; with several practice tests included. My college applications were reviewed with caution various times. Through SCAI I also went on multiple college trips which helped decide what kind residential school I wanted to go to. CCPI also helped recognize how much I love to lead and dance by being Latin DVD captain. Mr. Thompson allowed me to connect with my mentors and advisors.

Eduniz Mendez

Class of 2016 - Accepted to SUNY Geneseo

Being part of SCAI and an Honorary member of CCPI has provided me with so many benefits. I know a lot of people say that, but few really mean it wholeheartedly. SCAI and CCPI provides a family for everyone in the programs. Everyone knows each other, and everyone wants to achieve the same dream. The dream to graduate college with a bachelor degree, and to have a good future.They say that the people you surround yourself with is what you become. CCPI and SCAI surrounds with achievers,dream-believers, and life-changers

Leudin Dominguez

Class of 2014 - Accepted to Clarkson University

I have enjoyed my years at SBI. I had the opportunity to meet interesting, outgoing, & motivating people that have been nurtured into an extensive professional network. Over the years, I have grown so much and will be sure to continue to do so. to me, SBI stands for Strategically Beneficial to Individuals. 

Bernadette Scott

SBI gives you a chance to shine, be outspoken and take charge. It also gives you a chance to learn how businesses run and how to make it in the corporate world. 

Assata Lumumba

I feel that SBI is a program for students who wish to be successful leaders in business or another occupation. This program inspires and promotes that attitude. 

Laurento Sainte

SBI has opened my eyes to things I either didn't know or didn't think possible. 

Maria O'Connor

SBI has been an enlightening and intellectual experience for me. I've learned how to network, be consistent & precise in my work, and how to address others professionally. I only hope everyone could have had these same advantages and experiences as me. 

Lekeisha Eubanks

SBI has augmented my interpersonal and networking skills. I think that has allowed me to assume the position I am in now at the Blackstone Capital Brokerage Firm. 

Hollye Valentin

College & career prep has gotten me off the couch and has helped me become a contributing member to my community & the workplace. I am now much less shy and have become more independent. I have established a vital professional network needed to get ahead in the future. 

Akosua Gyasi

I've learned how to network, communicate with people in my field, and most importantly, I've become a more responsible person. By the time I leave SBI, I know I'll have a head-start on my future compared to most students my age. 

Dayna Baskette

SBI has shown me that people do care about me and what I do...that shows me how lucky I am. 

Omari Edwards

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