2017 SCAI College Essay Workshop with Milken Scholars

Today’s college essay writing workshop for the 2017 Seniors’ College Admission Initiative (SCAI) Scholars was a successful event. The workshop was conducted in the newly renovated Randolph High Library from 10am - 2:30pm. As usual, it served as the official kick off for the 12 week fall term college admission process to be undertaken by our scholars. The workshop was facilitated and staffed by Milken Scholar volunteers.

For more information on the Milken Scholars program, click here.

The following are comments offered by workshop participants:

This experience allowed me to polish and fine tune my essay. I was able to realize how interesting my story is and that people want to hear it. I have a clearer understanding of what's important to put in a college essay and what not important. Most importantly i was able to find out about the difference types of essays I could write, which I didn’t know. - Jordan McDonald


Today was a great day, I learned that there will be a lot of pressure writing this essay and that it's okay to write an essay and have to start over from scratch. Sometimes using a lot of details is good but you have to remember that you only have like 650 words to write it. I realized that before today I was slacking off and really wasn't focused on my college process. Now having done this program I realize that I don’t have that much time to get everything done. - Tyanna Talavera


I got great critiques on how I can improve my essay such as showing more emotion towards what I'm passionate about rather than being so technical. I was also told how I need to compact my essay. I'm walking away from this with more hope. I was told it's not all about grades and stats. A good essay can be the deciding factor on whether you get accepted to the college or not.

- Marielle Mouflet