A Legacy of Hope & Harlem Culture

For about 25 years, Executive Director of Sound Business Inc., Charles Thompson has changed the lives of hundreds of families as his vision continues to impact inner city youth in New York City schools. SBI is a non-profit organization that focuses on introducing options for selective four-year colleges/universities to high school students residing in low socioeconomic communities. Today, CCPI is based at A.Philip Randolph Campus High School in West Harlem where it celebrates the pursuit of success using Harlem's rich culture as the driving force.

CCPI is the kind of program that's produces real results in the community allowing students of color to pursue education at prestigious 4-year universities. Of the students who participate in this program , 85% have gotten the opportunity to earn a Bachelors degree from a competitive school.

Many students from Randolph have continued expanded upon their talents in four universities such as Fergan Imbert (Class of 2012) who is currently enrolled at Gettysburg College, on a Pre-Med track. There he has carried on his West Indian dance roots to his school. He is currently preparing for graduation as a Senior (depicted on the right).

Fergan Imbert Class of 2012

The latest student to capitalize on his performing talents within a four year institution is Jelani Rousteing (Class of 2014). Jelani currently attends The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, pursuing an Acting Career. He is currently in his second year.

So what is it that makes this program so successful?

Its the extracurricular performing arts program​ that enables students to become in touch with their talents and gifts beyond the classroom. What makes the dance & arts program so essential to CCPI are the vast amount of opportunities and cultures that these students become exposed to.

Our performance groups include West Indian, United Brothers (Step-Team), Sistas Only, World DVD, and Latin have created a heavy substance of school pride and culture that continues to thrive throughout the program year after year, leaving the individual mark of each student on the growth of CCPI through education, performance, and the arts.