The College & Career Preparatory Institute (CCPI)
College Prep Academies


Freshman First Year Seminar (FYS) 

SBI’s College and Career Preparatory Institute takes a dramatically different approach to Freshmen with its First Year Seminar (FYS) Program. Usually, students are not active in the college selection process until their junior year. To ensure students’ success from the beginning, we have launched an effort to involve Freshmen and their parents from the summer before they attend high school. FYS’ focus with students involves exploring different colleges, discussing the costs of college, and crafting one’s high school career for strong college candidacy. 

For Students: 
Apply for the FYS 2020-21 SPRING Semester HERE


Sophomore Academic Enrichment Project (SAEP)


SBI launched the Sophomore Academic Enrichment Project (SAEP) — a Sophomore skills program aimed to enrich students’ reading and math skills, allowing them to excel in class work and future SAT exams, and to begin preparing students socio-attitudinally for college life. 

For Students: 

Apply for the SAEP 2020-21 SPRING Semester HERE


Junior College Admissions Spring Intensive (CASI) 


By their Junior year, students in our College Admissions Spring Intensive (CASI) program are working toward achieving target SAT scores and developing key contacts in four-year residential colleges of choice. 


Senior College Admissions Initiative (SCAI)


CCPI Seniors in our Senior College Admissions Initiative (SCAI) program begin the college application process in August. From targeting the right schools to gathering all of the necessary documents for a successful application, SBI guides students in the right direction.